KANSAS HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY | Hayden High School Class of 1970 (40th Reunion)

Created 10-Aug-10
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Prints may be ordered as either 4x6, 6x9, or 8x12 sizes. They may be ordered in the standard professional color finish, very glossy metallic finish, or true black & white.

All color prints may be ordered in true black & white, but those that appear as sepia or black & white at this website cannot be converted back to color. It most cases a color option of the same pose or one very similar is offered.

You will notice that the prices that show up (if ordered before 25 August 2010) will be slightly more than $1.00 less than the original quoted prices. This is because there are some specials available at this time, and I am passing the savings on to you. This savings may continue past the 25th, but will probably end then and the prices will be increased to the prices I originally quoted. Those prices are listed below. They are for standard professional quality prints. Other print finishes are optional, and there will be additional costs for those options.

4x6 professional prints are $ 6.00 each.

6x9 professional prints are $ 9.00 each.

8x12 professional prints are $12.00 each.

All prints will be color corrected based on the originals. Since computer monitors vary greatly, what you see on your computer may not show the exact colors. However, they should be very close.

Most orders will arrive about one week after being placed online. They will be shipped to your address.

I truly enjoyed working with your group. Thank you in advance for your orders, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Larry L. Miller