KANSAS HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY | 26-27 July 2014 KHJA Event in Manhattan, Kansas
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Images from this event are ready for viewing, sharing, and purchasing. Please carefully read the following information before attempting to purchase either professional prints or high quality digital files of specific images in this gallery.

* All images in this gallery have been selected from those taken between Friday the 25th of July and Sunday the 27th of July 2014. They have been post processed and sized to make 4x6, 6x9, and 8x12 prints without cropping. Those sizes may be ordered directly from this site at the following prices:

4x6 (3 professional finishes available) $10.00 each

6x9 (3 professional finishes available) $12.50 each

8x12 (3 professional finishes available) $17.50 each

There is an additional shipping charge for all prints ordered. The prints are delivered directly to the address you provide when you order.

* All images in this gallery have been sized to a file size that is capable of making even larger prints than listed above or may be cropped to desired sizes when the file is purchased. Files may be purchased for $25.00 per file and downloaded directly to your computer. Thus, there is no additional shipping charges. The downloaded files may then be resized, cropped, and used as desired for personal use to make prints, posters, or use on social media sites such as facebook.

* The original RAW files or extremely high resolution jpg files may also be obtained of any of the images if huge posters are desired or if the person obtaining them has photo editing skills in programs such as photoshop and would like to customize the final results of the image. Contact us for more information if interested in purchasing such files.

* We do specialized work such as adding text, creating designs for t-shirts, and printing very large posters. Contact us for more information in specialized services.

PLEASE note that the files at this site are large and there are nearly 500 of them. Thus, the speed at which they can be viewed may vary greatly depending on the device being used as well as the speed of the Internet service. IT MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE TO VIEW THE IMAGES ON A SMART PHONE!

The buttons to purchase the images as well as choosing how to view the images are in the upper right hand corner of the gallery screen. Also, once you are viewing an image there is a pull down menu at the upper left hand corner of that image. Just move the cursor to that area and it will appear.

Send an email to Larry and Suzanne Miller at wakarusa@mac.com with your questions.



SPECIAL DISCOUNT on all orders over $125 that are placed before 1 September 2014. Just enter the coupon code KHJA and receive a $25.00 discount on that purchase. There is no limit on how many times this may be used before the 1 September 2014 deadline.


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