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Suzanne, Halley, Baxter and I left for the Forgotten Coast of Florida on 24 January 2014. During our adventure we took thousands of photos. A few have been posted at this photo blog. Some information about our trip can be found under the comments.

As we get photos edited we will be posting new photos and creating new galleries. Those galleries will include events we attended, photo shoots we conducted, and lots of just fun stuff we enjoyed between the time we left our home in Wakarusa on 24 January until we returned the evening of 25 February 2014.

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25 February 2014 (7:30 PM CST)

WE MADE IT HOME! We arrived safely back in the Wakarusa Valley this afternoon. It was an eight hour drive today, but we did stop a few times to take Halley and Baxter for a walk and of course to get some snacks!

It is of course good to be home. However, the 20 degree temperature and forecast for snow this evening is not what we left on the Forgotten Coast!

Now it is time to start editing the thousands of photos we took. First, however, I checked the images on the camera traps (trail cameras) we had set up around our house in Wakarusa. We had a lot of visitors, and most were the four legged variety. The last photo posted was taken in our backyard.

More photos later, and some will be in special galleries. Check our facebook sites as well as check back to this blog in the future for updates.
24 February 2014 (6:45 PM CST)

We finished our second day on the road as we head back to our home in Wakarusa, Kansas! We left St. George Island yesterday morning, 23 February 2014, just before a heavy thunderstorm arrived and drove in the rain much of the day. Last night we stayed in Hoover, Alabama (near Birmingham) and drove to Trumann, Arkansas (near Jonesboro) today. Due to the place we normally stay being filled up and not being able to find another place in the area that would accept Halley and Baxter we ended up only traveling around 300 miles today. Thus, tomorrow will be a long day since we are will be driving nearly 500 miles. However, the weather should be decent, and we are going to get an early start in the morning.

The few new photos added today are from the beginning of our return trip.
22 February 2014 (10:45 AM EST)

Well, this is our last full day in Florida! The month has gone by so fast, and we have enjoyed many adventures as well as becoming acquainted with many new and interesting people. Visiting with the friends we have made in the past has of course also been great!

Whether we return next year depends on several things, but we are not making early reservations like we did in the past. Both Suzanne and I LOVE this part of Florida and if we do not return it will not be because of the location, people, or climate. We are just getting old like everyone else, and one of our family members (Halley the Golden Retriever) is aging quickly and is having some problems traveling. Time will tell as to our future plans.

I spent the morning photographing several Bald Eagles that were hunting (fishing) near our dock in the bay. It is a beautiful Saturday morning with the temperature approaching 70 degrees as I type this note. This afternoon Suzanne and I plan to spend some time on the beach and of course getting things packed for our three day return trip to Wakarusa that starts in the morning.

I am really behind on adding photos to this blog, but will fill in the blank time frames with some new photos either evenings at our motel or when I return. For now I will just add a series of our NATIONAL SYMBOL, the Bald Eagle.

More later...
19 February 2014 (10:45 PM EST)

Today was a beautiful day along the Forgotten Coast and a very busy one as well.

I started the day with a sunrise photo shoot with a model from Tallahassee. As the fog moved in at sunrise we created some very unique and beautiful images.

Suzanne and I headed northeast around noon and spent some time shopping at George Griffin's Pottery as well as visiting with George. We first met George back in 2008 when Joe and Suzanne Collins introduced us to him. It was a very pleasant visit and George is a great and very talented person.

After the visit with George we headed to Wakulla Springs for our second visit this year. The temperature was in the 70's by then. We took plenty of photos, visited with some of those at Wakulla Springs, and enjoyed another boat tour.

A few of the photos from today have been posted above.
19 February 2014 (12:05 AM EST)

Once again sorry for taking so long to add more photos and the latest from our adventures. The weather has improved considerably and we have been spending much of our time outside.

Since the last update we have attended the annual meeting of the Friends of St. Vincent Island, spent time at a couple of parks and outdoor research areas, Spent part of a day wondering the roads and beaches of St. Vincent Island, watching more beautiful sunrises and sunsets, searching for and photographing night activity along the beach, and visiting with friends. Some of the latest photos relate to those activities.

Well, time for bed tonight, and it looks like another beautiful and busy day again tomorrow.

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