KANSAS HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY | 2007 NHJH Winter Dance (Dec. 2007)

Created 13-Dec-08
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A variety of photos from the last NHJH Winter Dance that took place during December 2007.  Special price list allows for ordering 4x6 prints only.  Contact wakarusa@mac.com for information in regard to ordering other size prints.
DANCE_ 98.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 95.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 94.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 93.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 92.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 90.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 9.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 89.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 88.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 87.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 86.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 84.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 83.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 80.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 8.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 78.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 77.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 76.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 75.tiff.jpgDANCE_ 74.tiff.jpg