KANSAS HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY | Friends University Biology in Florida (2017)
Created 21-Jan-17
482 photos

Photos from a biology field trip to the panhandle of Florida area during January 2017.

All images that begin with the world "ORIGINAL" are just as they came from the camera except for being reduced in size for this website. Images that begin with the word "SPECIAL" have been post processed by either Suzanne or Larry. All images (files) may be downloaded and used as desired by those that participated in the January 2017 event.

To download just move your cursor to the upper left hand corner of an image when it is being shown full size on your computer screen. You will get a pulldown menu. Use the password that has been provided to those that participated in the event to download the image to your computer.

Send an email to KANSAS HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY at wakarusa@mac.com if you have problems or have questions.

NOTE that new images may be added in the future, so check back to this site from time to time.