Created 28-Mar-11
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Prints may be ordered from any of the photos in this Gallery. Pricing has been set to a discounted price for all prints that are ordered before 15 June 2011. The price of each print and package will increase after 15 June 2011.

You can save money by ordering early, and you can save money (shipping charges and more) by ordering with friends and placing orders of $100 or more. Just enter the discount coupon code "THS2011" without the quotation marks when your order is $100 or more and you will receive $10.00 off of that order.

Please note that depending on the size of prints ordered some cropping will occur from either the top and bottom or the sides. All orders will be examined by KANSAS HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY before they are sent to the printers for the best possible print composition.

Do not hesitate to contact KANSAS HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY if you have questions.