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All photos in this gallery were taken on Saturday, 19 July 2014 and are copyrighted images created by Larry L. Miller of KANSAS HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY. They may be used under the following conditions.

1. The link to the gallery or any individual image may be copied and pasted to an individuals facebook wall or other web site as long as no other modifications are made. There is no charge for this type of usage.

2. A high resolution digital file of any image may be purchased for personal use on facebook, other sites, or to have high quality prints made for a fee of $5.00 per file (image) if desired. Payment can be made directly at this secure site using several forms of payment. The file (image) can then be downloaded to any computer.

NOTE: All images at this site will make professional quality prints up to at least 8x12" and in many cases to 16x24" in size. Original files may also be cropped as desired once purchased. They are supplied in standard jpg format.

3. Those desiring to use images for other purposes should contact Larry L. Miller at with their desires. Also, note that some of the images in this gallery have been provided in different tones other than the normal full color. If special coloration is desired on a specific image please contact Larry L. Miller at the above email address as this can most likely be done with no increase in cost.

VISIT other work by KANSAS HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY and let us know anytime you are in need of a professional photographer.

Direct all questions and comments to Larry L. Miller at


Note that the watermarks will not be on digital files (images) that are purchased for the $5.00 charge per file.