Created 7-May-15
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A variety of images from the spring 2015 KHS field trip taken by Larry L. & Suzanne L. Miller of KANSAS HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY of Wakarusa, Kansas USA. A link to this gallery or links to specific images may be shared to facebook sites or other websites as long as the images are not modified in any way and as long as proper credit is given.

Images may also be downloaded by contacting KANSAS HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY via email for the required password. Send requests to

Downloaded images may also be used for personal use as long as they are not modified and as long as proper photo credit is given. Note that images are of a variety of sizes. All are of a size that will work well for facebook and other websites. Most will make decent small prints (about 4" on the short side) and prints may be made if desired.

Direct all questions to KANSAS HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY.